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    Save money when you top up your current attic insulation to the current R-50 value or even better the next value R-60

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    Cellulose insulation is eco friendly, made from 75% recycled news paper it's an excellent insulator

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Are You Wasting Your Money Due to Poor Insulation?

Think about it for a moment… poor insulation results in unwanted heat loss from your attic. Therefore, to keep your home warm and cozy, you have to pay a higher fuel bill. No one ever wants to get those! Yet the solution is simple. By investing in the right amount of attic insulation for your home, you could reduce your winter heating bills and help keep your home cooler in warm summer months. What is more, invest in the right type of insulation such as that which we use, and you can avoid settlement (other insulation compacts down over time, thus making it less effective), remains pest proof, as well as be safe and 100% non-combustible in the unlikely event of a fire. But wait the best part is, the insulation we use is 73% recycled, so better for the energy footprint as well!

 Choose the Best Insulation Installation Company

There are many insulation service providers, which you could choose from, but we know of no other service that gives as much onsite attention to detail and care of your home as we do. We have excellent customer service, and have taken time to sort out the best insulation product to improve your home and compliment our services.

  •  save on your energy bills
  • pest proof
  • 73% recycled material
  • non-combustible

 Free With All Attic Insulation Installations

For a limited time only, we are also offering customers a FREE dryer vent clean (worth $149) and a massive 10 year warranty on the insulation we install, when you purchase our insulation service.


We are a local company with a strong reputation for customer satisfaction. To read some of our online testimonials visit our dedicated page. Finally, we do not take payment until our customer’s are fully satisfied.


Better Insulation is your expert provider of home and attic insulation.  When many consumers first hear the words “home insulation”, they tend to think of the rolled or “batting” variety.  Although at first glance this may seem like an easy enough method for installation, this option comes with certain disadvantages.  Rolled insulation is specifically designed to fit in between the individual joists and beams of your attic spaces, but homeowners can easily run into difficulties when insulation is needed in non-standard sized areas.  With rolled insulation, it is almost impossible to obtain complete and thorough coverage, filling every crack and crevice around surrounding conduits, ductwork, and other oddly shaped areas.

There is a Better Option When Choosing Insulation!

Thanks to modern technological advancements, blown insulation, or loose fill insulation as it is also sometimes called, is now considered the better choice for nearly all areas of your home or attic, allowing every cavity within the walls, floor joists, and roof systems to be completely filled and evenly distributed with non-toxic insulation.  Our professional technicians is will arrive at the scheduled time, entering your attic with a state of the art pneumatic blowing machine that sprays loose particles of insulation made with fiberglass and other types of recycled materials into all areas of your attic spaces.  These machines work in much the same way that your traditional fire extinguisher would, and are very easy to control and maneuver around small, dark spaces.

A “Greener”Attic Insulation

 Although most people would agree that your standard rolled insulation would be considered a “green” material simply because it is used to insulate the home and to save energy, most consumers are unaware that this type of insulation actually contains a formaldehyde binder, used to compact the fiberglass material together into the formed rolls.  Formaldehyde is definitely not a green material.  However,blown insulation contains none of this toxic chemical, replacing the formaldehyde with a new acrylic binder instead.  Not only is the acrylic infinitely safer for your family and loved ones, but no formaldehyde emissions occur during the processing and manufacturing of the loose fill insulation, either at the plant or during installation.

Owen Corning Pro Pink Insulation

For the best possible attic insulation, Better Insulation uses only the best products and machinery.  Owens Corning PROPINK Insulation is considered the best brand available on the market today.  And this brand is made of 80% fiberglass and 20% recycled materials, such as newspaper and cardboard that have been chemically treated to be fire resistant.  This combination of materials makes the “pink” insulation even more “green”.  The entire process can be completed within a couple of hours, resulting in an evenly covered attic area whose every nook and cranny is filled with this safe, non-toxic Owens Corning blown insulation.

How to Determine if you need more Insulation

 Statistics provided by the Office of Energy Efficiency estimate that nearly 7 million residential homes in Canada today are simply under-insulated.  This means that the largest portion of your monthly utility bill may actually be seeping out of your roof by way of your uninsulated attic space.  The best way to determine if you need additional attic insulation is by looking at the floors of your attic.  If you are able to see the individual joists and beans, then you are probably in dire need of additional insulation by Better Insulation.  It is recommended in most Canadian provinces now that approximately 18 ½ inches of R-50 insulation should be in your attic spaces.  Because our blown insulation is processed through a pneumatic blowing machine, our technicians can easily control the amount and thickness of the sprayed insulation during the installation process, unlike the traditional rolled insulation methods of years past.  This saves you money!

Prices and Affordability

Better Insulation provides very competitive pricing along with free estimates.  If you are unsure of your need for additional insulation, our technicians will be happy to come to your home or business to provide a thorough and complete inspection.  Because the blown or loose fill insulation is infinitely faster to install than rolled insulation, you will save valuable time and money.  Of course, the new Owens Corning insulation should pay for itself during the very first winter, when you begin to see highly decreased energy bills during these coldest months of the year.

Determine your R-Value

Before adding more insulation to your attic the current R-value needs to be determined. This is easily done by measuring the depth of insulation between the joists. Typically older homes will have 3″ to 6″ of fiberglass insulation blanket or loose. This equates to roughly an R-value of between R-9 & R-19. Adding more insulation to take the R-value to the recommended R-50 value, this is approx 18.5″ deep.  Many homeowners are opting for the soon to be standard R-60 value with our preferred choice of Owen Cornings Propink insulation.

New Homes or Older Homes Benefit from Insulation Top Ups

Whether your homes old or new the older types of insulation settle over time and building codes change. Utility bills are always rising so it makes sense to try to save money where there are options. Upgrading your current attic insulation is one of the best ways to lower your utility bills and increase the comfort in your home.

If your home was built over 10 years ago, the chances are that you will be in need of our insulation services.  Homes built in these earlier years did not require attic insulation of any kind, nor was there a requirement for insulation to be installed within the walls of the residential spaces below.  If your pre-1970’s home was fortunate enough to receive installation of any kind, the likelihood is that the insulation has now deteriorated over time, perhaps by water damage or from other outside environmental factors.

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